Justice for Myka!

My cousin Mizzielle Jamyka Cruz Gutierrez or “Myka” (age 21), was brutally murdered by her boyfriend Kristoffer Von Moraleja (age 19) on his own house at Pasay City. My cousin was stabbed 10 times on different parts of the body, and I believe 3 of those went through her heart.

Myka is a kind, sweet, soft spoken and a hard working person even working at the same time while studying to help provide for her family and for her studies. She was about to graduate this March 2011. She have such promise and bright future ahead of her. But all that was taken from her when she was murdered by the very person she trusted, her boyfriend Kristoffer Von Moraleja.

To anybody who sees or know the whereabouts of this person or the Moraleja family, please contact the authorities immediately!

If you wish to contact Pasay police, you may contact the following numbers:

Pasay FB Harrison Street 831-7322, 833-3734, 831-9702 or 831-5054

Please help us find JUSTICE for my cousin!

You may also read the related articles at the bottom to find out more about the suspect and to get updates about the case.

Thank you.











17 thoughts on “Justice for Myka!

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  2. Paul

    i heard this news on wanted sa radyo. And i fucking want this piece of shit Kristoffer Von moraleja to be beheaded. i want this fucking evil to be cut his body parts into ten pieces!!

  3. celeste

    Condolence to myka’s family. May she rest in peace. I know someone who can help you find the suspect. My niece is also a victim of heinous crime she was raped & murdered by our maid’s son. If you are interested I can give you the number and address of the medium who help us with my niece case. You can contact me at 3590566. Cel

  4. victor

    He must have friends or relatives around the area where he lives and where the dead body was found. Very close investigations should have already been started by the Police and NBI.

  5. von,ur such a bullshit..kelangan mangyari din sau at mas malala pa angyari sau..npaka gago mu..sana usigin kna ng konsensya mu..npkahayup mu..alam mu qng mkikita lng kita nde na pra isuko pa kita..papatayin nrn ita..tang ina mu..npaka bait at npka gnda ni myka..taz gnun lng gnwa mu..tandaan mu mkikita din kita..pipilitin qng mkita ka..demonyo ka..
    dont worry myka..tutulungan kita mhuli ung hayup na un..pra mkapag pahinga kna ng maauz jan ksma ng ating ama..alam mu nde kita kilala..pero nung npanood q SOCO knina e..sbrang naawa aq sa gnwa sau nung hayup na un..
    para naman po sa naiwang pamilya ni myka..wag po kau mag-alala dhil darating din po ang tamang panahon para sa katarungan..wag lng po kau mwawalan ng pag-asa.. malapit npo tlgang manahimik c myka..
    ah ah..sbrang ganda ng anak nyo pra mangyari sknya ang gnun..sbrang naaawa po aq sa nangyari sknya..bzta sna po qag kau mwwalan ng pag-asa na mahuhuli din ung hayup na von na un..

  6. i was able to watch Soco and im so mad with that moron Kristoffer Von Moraleja. if he’s not guilty why not show up to defend himself. and to his family, do you have conscience? why tolerate the crime of your son tsk tsk. justice will prevail.



  8. anne gutierrez

    xna pu smuq na sya xna matakotman lang po sya sa iyos at may pinagsamahan din nman sila sna un man lang po isipn nia .. ibigay nya pu xna yung hustisya khit un man lang mabawas bawasan kasalanan niya sa diyos at pamilya ni myka .. xna mahuli na pu sya pagdadasal ko pu yan

  9. Mike

    Ahm good eve po gsto lng po sabhn na parng nkita ng younger brother ko po ung gagong lalaking pumatay kay myka sa sana clara parish church may lakas pa po daw ng loob mag simba ung lalaking un namukaan daw ng kapatid ko un ksi school mate nya daw po dti un sa st marys.. Inform ko lng po kayo na bka nsa pasay lng ung gagong un at mahuli na po

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