ABDC Season 5 Week 7 (Episode 10)

ABDC is one fucked up show and MTV should know that. Although I like the performances, I really don’t like the results of this episode. Read my Rant section later! Let’s just get this over with!

Safe: Blueprint

This is a good routine. But aside from the hand threading section, nothing really stood out for me. And for having 4 girls on their crew, the booty shaking was not good. Even Lil Mama said that it was funny to see them booty shake as it appears that the body is the one moving and not their asses.

Battle: Poreotix vs Hype 5-0


It was a really good performance for them. Almost to the same level as their disco challenge except for Jet Li’s mistake. They brought in their bboy moves back and again added their trademark humour to the performance. I’m not sure if many had notice, but this is actually the 2nd time that Jet Li made a mistake. He made a mistake also during the Umbrella performance. But since he was behind the others, nobody seemed to notice.

Hype 5-0

This was definitely the best performance of the night. They didn’t really focus that much on the challenges. I mean they did them but their main focus is to show what Hype 5-0 is all about. And they came out firing! Even calling out Blueprint and Poreotix on their performance. I have a feeling they kinda knew that they are going to be eliminated.

In the end the judges obviously picked Poreotix to be saved. Don’t get me wrong, I like Poreotix. But since this was a battle, Hype 5-0 should be the one that has been saved. But it all comes down to Blueprint being put as the top vote getter crew. If Poreotix or Hype 5-0 was the top vote getter crew, Blueprint’s routine wouldn’t have stand a chance vs Poreotix and Hype 5-0.

Last Chance


It was good, but it’s not great. Definitely not as bad as as Beat Freak’s Freak the Dream or Status Quo’s Circus. I like the intricate movements, but again nothing really stood out.


Okay this one definitely needs some explanation. A lot of their fans would definitely notice that they redid most of their routine from the past years and some were a bit disappointed. Now before you get mad at Poreotix let me explain this to you. This is actually is sort of their best hits compilation which they did not only to share it to everyone on national tv but also to serve as a tribute to their fans. They showed everyone what they’ve been up to the past years by displaying their trademark moves. And as Charles said on an interview, they started Poreotix with the Tetris routine, they ended ABDC with the Tetris routine. And last time I check, a lot of their fans are requesting for them to do this routine on the show. This routine is very intricate, detailed and technical. You’ll have to watch closely what they’re doing to understand. I like it a lot although it seemed kinda weird to watch it on a different music. I like these routines better with their original mixes.


I mean come on MTV! Get real! I will admit that I like Blueprint over Hype 5-0. But come on?! Poreotix and Hype 5-0 got massive fanbase. Not a lot of people was voting for Blueprint and all of sudden they are the top vote getter?! This episode was definitely fixed to save Blueprint and let Poreotix and Hype 5-0 battle. Even the battle is fixed if you noticed. Hype 5-0 definitely have the best performance of the night.  Even better than Poreotix(Poreotix did good by the way). Again they fixed it to have a West vs West battle so they can have an East vs West finale! It’s like Season 1 all over again when Status Quo was saved and Jabbawockeez and Kaba Modern have to battle.


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