ABDC Season 5 Week 6 (Episode 9)

Alright! This week is the magic challenge! The Intro number was actually pretty cool with Lil Mama showing us that she can also dance. I’m gonna let you watch that video real quick.

Then Let’s get on with the review.

Hype 5-0

They are the first save crew and it doesn’t surprise me at all because of their growing fan base. I’m not sure what Omarion is seeing ‘the same choreography’. I mean the moves actually change and they even showed us some ticking on this routine. Maybe what Omarion is seeing is the same high energy style which is natural since it’s their trademark. I’m not sure if the judges sees this, but they also do isolation and tutting on their previous routines. I actually like them more than Jungle Boogie. The only performance I like from Jungle Boogie is from last week and maybe a little this week.


Awesome performance! JC touched on their choreography again saying it wasn’t their best but is enough. Then the crowed started booing him once again. JC didn’t really said anything bad but is simply asking Poreotix to bring more dancing into their performance. But I think it’s kinda difficult since you only have about a minute to perform and parts of your routine will be taken up by the magic trick display. So I think Poreotix actually did a good job by balancing the magic trick and the dancing which is pretty cool still. I mean did you see that robot running man that dumbo did? Pretty sick!

Blueprint Cru

A very good performance. Blueprint suddenly summoned their inner Static Noyze by performing a theatrical routine. Natalie is still pretty as always and the upside down choreography is pretty dope! Only comment I have is the magic trick was not that good. I mean why do they have to cover Natalie up before and after the trick. None of the other crews covered their act.

Jungle Boogie

Probably the best high energy dancing of the night. But, lamest magic trick of the night as well. Why do they have to use some sort of fabric disk? Their intro video showed the trick is possible with just a plain glass. They were eventually sent home by the judges.

Season 5 Winner Prediction

With Poreotix’ huge fan base, it may be Hype 5-0 and Blueprint on the bottom 2 next week. Blueprint Cru may moved on to the finals since I think they are better than Hype 5-0 and the judges love them as well. So it may came down to Poreotix vs Blueprint in the finals. But since Canada can’t vote and America is not completely embracing Blueprint, Poreotix may get the win!


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