ABDC Season 5 Week 5 Nationals (ABDC Episode 8)

The Usher challenge were really good as it brought us back to Hiphop once again. And most of the crews are more comfortable with this genre. I’m gonna change it up a bit this time. I’ll be posting the performance of each crew together with my review. Let’s get it started. (credits to Youtube’s TheRandyOrtonLegendX for the videos)

Jungle Boogie

I think the routine was really really good. The transitions were great and they had the sexy theme definitely going on. I like what Omarion called ‘shadow/mirror images” that they put. But I must agree with JC that the feet glide in not quite there. I didn’t think all of them did the feet glide as well, I think there was only the one person who acts as Usher who did it.


This definitely is the most entertaining routine of the night. Not my favorite but still a great routine. The rewind part is sick. I remember Fysh & Chicks getting the same challenge in Season 1 and it’s nothing compared to this. Again Poreotix is showing their versatility and definitely showing the haters that they can dance other styles too. Again Poreotix has to improvise on their choreo as this is not a song that a popping crew would normally dance to.

Hype 5-0

I felt like they were kinda held back by the song. They are usually a high energy crew and this song too smooth for them. Still they did a pretty good job. They had the swagger from start to finish. Though it’s kinda awkward since we’re not used to seeing them dance this way.

Bottom 2

Blueprint Cru

It was a really really good piece. The girls are tight and sexy. The moves are so precise. But this has got to be the easiest challenge of the night. Putting the girls hand on a boy’s body. But still they did great. America needs to learn on accepting them and start voting since they are a really really good crew.


It was actually a pretty solid routine. All the stunts were there and the surprising thing is that two of them really tried to dance this time. Unfortunately for them it was a bit too late. 2 routines were they made a mistake finally caught up to them. They are a really good jump rope crew and I wish them all the best on their jump rope career.

My prediction for the bottom 2 next week could be Hype 5-0 and Blueprint Cru. Hype 5-0 was taken out of their element and you can see that on their performance while Blueprint really got a big problem with the voting process since Canada can’t vote for them. And America seems to be having a hard time accepting them.


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