ABDC Season 5 Week 4 Nationals (ABDC Episode 7)

This is week 4 of the nationals and this week, it’s DISCO week. All crews will have music from the 70’s and was also given an additional challenge, to incorporate a lift. Let’s start off with the crew who got the immunity.

Blueprint Cru

I say the performance is really good. Since some of the moves were kinda cheesy since it’s the 70’s, they are still precise and on point. Bboy Hero is again highlighted on this one maybe because he is the only bboy of the crew.


Again they messed up on this routine. A lot of people like the part where they put the ropes on fire, but I say it was the most boring part of their routine. They basically didn’t dance at that part and just kept jumping and just suddenly made a move for the ending pose. I’m not sure why America is keeping this crew, they can’t even dance that well even without the ropes. On one web interview where they were challenged to do krumping back stage. 1 girl, I think it was Lisa said “can somebody show us a demonstration”. Whoah! She didn’t even know what krumping is. And when they did the krumping, only 1 guy actually did the krumping pretty well. The others just seemed to imitate him.


The best performance of the night. They finally stepped out of their comfort zone and showed everybody that they can do other styles too. They start off with their robotic pose and just when everybody probably thought they are gonna go straight to robotics, they suddenly did some whacking. Then they went into some bboy moves and into some locking. There were still parts where they did robotics and I think Jet Li’s solo at the end was really cool. Not to mention the bench press pose at the end. They finally got good comments from all the judges, specially JC. But still, the judges failed to highlight some of the good stuff on their routine.

Hype 5-0

I think it was a really good routine. Aside from their trademark high energy moves, they also brought in some other styles.

Bottom 3

Heavy Impact

Some people really liked this routine and say that this is their best performance of the show. But I actually didn’t like it that much. Maybe because it’s always the same thing that I see from them.

Static Noyze

I feel really bad for this crew. It’s double elimination night and 1 member of their crew is unable to dance because of a back injury. I will usually say let him dance still, but then again we don’t really know how bad the injury is. The performance was still really good. I love it when suzette moves and poses gracefully specially during the lift. The other lift with Peter was also pretty cool.

Jungle Boogie

I’d be honest. I didn’t really like their performance that much. Some people like it but I don’t. They have also totally lost their jungle boogie image. Remember during the first few weeks that they always incorporate an animal on their routine? The past 2 weeks, you wouldn’t really see any sign of animal moves or pose.

Since it’s double elimination, 2 crews have to go home. And Heavy Impact and Static Noyze were the ones that were let go. I felt that Static Noyze was let go because of Enrique’s injury. But I still think that they did a great job even without Enrique. Heavy Impact will eventually be out anyways, but I felt that they could’ve stayed longer than Jungle Boogie and Saltare.

My next week’s bottom 2 prediction is Saltare and Jungle Boogie.


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