ABDC Season 5 Nationals Week 3(ABDC Episode 6)

This week is a very good week for all crews. Due to a problem with the voting process, no one was sent home. But two crews will be going home next week. Some crews might feel that it’s a little bit unfair since Saltare and Blueprint made mistakes last week and instead were given a chance to redeem themselves. This week is the Lady Gaga challenge and crews will have to take on the crazy personality of Gaga.

Static Noyze

Performing to Beutiful Dirty Rich. Again, they delivered. The moves were on point and Peter as Baby Gaga was a pretty clever idea. The table tutts were awesome. The only think I didn’t like is the bubble costume from one of the girls.

Blueprint Cru

Performing to Bad Romance. Probably the craziest routine of all. They definitely redeemed themselves from last week. This is also probably one of the scariest routine seen on ABDC. TL was lifted from the air as if she is being strangled. The ending was with the girls breaking the necks of the guys. Totally outrageous. They deserved the immunity for next week. Also they needed this immunity as TL mentioned on the interview, none from Canada can vote for them.

Jungle Boogie

Performing to Video Phone. An ok performance but there were a couple of mistakes seen on the routine. One fell of the head stand. In the first place, why did they try to do a head stand from the chairs? Didn’t they learn from Blueprint’s mistake last week? The other mistake is one of the member were kinda lost from the side.

Heavy Impact

Performing to Love Game. Definitely not their best performance. Like Umbrella for Poreotix last week, this song is not meant for them. One of the guys also made a mistake when he tried to flip from the side. Also there is not much Gaga identity on the routine.

Hype 5-0

Performing Poker Face. The dancing was good but I didn’t like the wardrobe at all. The guys look like a bunch of football players. While the girls have Gaga’s wig on their shirt instead of their heads. Also not much Gaga identity on the routine.


Performing to Paparazzi. First off let me point out that there were suppose to be blood coming out on the ending pose. You see Dumbo sort of slashing their heads and the others sort of posed hiding their heads. For some reason the tubes broke and you can actually see the red stain on justin’s(jet li) shirt during the judges comments. It’s interesting how the judges didn’t point out some of the highlights on this routine. First was when they made fun of the judges. Dumbo showed a picture of Lil Mama and the others screamed. Another one is when they made a picture of JC and Omarion kiss. They also made a shoutout to the other crews during the jumping section. Also that picture JC was talkin about was suppose to be a lady riding sort of a cart with posers on the side and a pet. The reason I am elaborating is that many people don’t notice the intricate details thrown by this crew to each of their performance. You don’t really see those details unless you watch closely. This is a really good bounce back performance from them. The back tutts were good but I felt it could have been more highlighted if they were not wearing the jackets.


Performing to Just Dance. Like taizuke pointed out on his youtube review, Saltare is awesome with the ropes but is really lame without it. The tricks were awesome but the dancing is just not there. This is America’s Best Dance Crew after all. Also there is nothing Gaga about it except for the last pose.

Based on this week’s performances, Heavy Impact, Jungle Boogie and Hype 5-0 should be at the bottom.

Based on last week’s performances, Saltare and Blueprint should be at the bottom.

But it’s up to America to decide who goes to the bottom. Wish all the crews goodluck!


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