ABDC 5 Nationals Week 2

Alright lets go talk about week 2 to of ABDC nationals. Sorry for the late review, I was really feeling lazy the past few days… hahaha. First off I would like to remind everyone that the crews didn’t pick the music. They were given a music video by ABDC to copy and incorporate their own style to. And I think some of the crews were kinda held back because of the music given to them.


The music video given to them is Umbrella by Rihanna. It was good but I didn’t like the performance that much. The guys were still funny but the music is not really suited for them. Add to the fact that they are also trying to please the judges sort off took them away from their normal rhythm. it was good performance but definitely not my favorite. they were given a song that is really not an all boy group would dance to. they should have been given heavy impact’s song instead. i must say, i noticed that JC is really picking on them.

Jungle Boogie

They did a pretty good job with this routine. Raqi stand out from this routine since the song is from shakira.

Static Noyze
Told you they will no longer be at the bottom this time. I really love this group. Suzette is really pretty. But i felt that they were kinda held back by the song.

We all know that they will mess up one of their routines sooner or later. And this is what exactly happened in this routine. My guess is that they will be at the bottom 2 next week.

Heavy Impact
It was a good performance but nothing really difficult about it. But these big guys really know how to dance.

Hype 5-0
When you get a britney song, you definitely have to bring the sexyness. And they difinitely did that! Favorite performance of the show. Girls are really sexy. At the back of my mind i kinda know the two girls are gonna kiss but i didn’t really expect them to do it. And it was so hot!


Royal Flush
The routine was good but just not enough to beat a good team in a battle. It just so happened that they were up against Blueprint.

Surprised that they are at the bottom 2. The whole routine was precise. The only let down is when the 2 girls fell on the head stand. But since the judges like them, they were saved.

Next week is gonna be great since it’s Lady Gaga week and we know that she’s hella crazy when it comes to performances. I noticed that the judges are really expecting a lot more from Poreotix so hopefully they shut the judges next week with their performance. The judges on the other hand are too light with Saltare… they should have been scolded pretty hard since they mess up parts of their routine.


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