ABDC 5 Nationals Week 1 Review

The Nationals have finally started and i’ll be reviewing tonight’s performances by each crew. I must say that I didn’t like some of the judges comments. I’ll do the reviews by regions first then the battle like they did on the show.


Hype 5-0

I actually like the performance. The groove that they showed during the regionals still showed in this routine. I don’t get why the judges say that the intensity is missing.

Heavy Impact

The routine was practically based a lot on groove. This piece was kinda easy. The only thing stand out to me was that when Isaac did his flips coz that was unexpected because of his body. But aside from that everything was just ok. Again the judges are in contrast and said that they did really good.


The routine was intended to show their robotics style and it was amazing. Every beat is a move and every move is on point. The lifting of the shirts to show the day and night(sun and moon) images was really clever to tie the routine from song. I was surprised JC picked on their isolations. Isolations is a big part of their robotic choreography. And it wasn’t nice for Omarion to second in on that one too. I guess the judges wanted to see more from them.

Saved: Poreotix and Heavy Impact

Bottom: Hype 5-0


Swagger Crew

This is where the judges and me agree. Their performance was just ok. I felt that they held back a little. Maybe they are trying to save their best moves but that’s just not good enough.

Jungle Boogie

The judges say it was a great performance. But I say it was a good performance but it’s not that great. They didn’t really show any impressive moves. It was kinda generic.

Royal Flush

They were better this time than their regionals. I liked their performance as they have a lot of moves in just a short time. Me and the judges are on the same page on this one. I hope this crew can keep this up.

Saved: Jungle Boogie and Royal Flush

Bottom: Swagger Crew



This crew is pretty awesome at jump rope. The tricks were really great. Just the fact that they dance with ropes is pretty insane. But I felt that there was not a lot of dance moves on this routine. And the judges didn’t notice that for some reason.

Static Noyze

I love them. I really really like this crew because of their artistic style. Added the fact that Enrique has a back injury and still danced was pretty awesome. What normal viewers didn’t know is that after Enrique’s injury, The rest of the crew prepared a separate routine without Enrique in it. Dancing while there is 2 different routines in your mind can sometimes screw your moves but they didn’t. It’s really mind boggling how they always end up in the bottom. It’s just shows us that the East is really good right now. Good thing viewers get to choose the top and the bottom for next week, I doubt that they will still be at the bottom.


This crew is really really good. The girls are just phenomenal and the guys are not very far behind. The choreography was just perfect for the song. The East has really come out firing this season.

Saved: Blueprint and Saltare

Bottom: Static Noyze.

The Battle

Hype’s highlight is when they created sort of a police car or tank. Swagger highlighted their female during this routine. Static Noyze I felt was the best from the battle. The female was not afraid to spread her legs one time and I must say I didn’t expect it when they spinned Enrique. Remember that Enrique have a back injury.

Going Home: Swagger Crew

The crews this season are really good. This is probably one of the best seasons of ABDC history. But I must say that the judging need to improve big time.


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