America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 West Regionals

America's Best Dance Crew

West is the home of all ABDC Champs, Jabbawockeez, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew and We Are Heroes. Not only that, most of the successful teams are also from the West. Kaba Modern, Fanny Pak and Beat Freaks just to name a few. So the expectations are really high on West Coast and we didn’t get disappointed.

Crews that are going home early…

The Blended Projekt

They are a clogging crew with more Hiphop flavor compared to the other clogging crew we’ve seen from Season 2(if I remember it right). I think they would’ve made it if they auditioned for Season 2 and 4. Even numbered seasons for some reason are weak compared to the odd numbered seasons. There’s just too much talent and competition on the West Coast right now.


I think this crew is pretty good it’s just that most of the winners of past seasons are bboys. So it’s just natural for the judges to look for a harder and better routine. They might have made it if Shane Sparks was the judge. He always seem to favor the bboys and stunt crews. But with Omarion on deck, he looks more into choreography.

Crews that are going to the Nationals!

Hype 5-0

A Hiphop Crew from Hawaii! I like them a lot because of their swagger. Not much tricks and not a lot of hard choreography. But it’s their smooth grooves that everyone has to watch on. You can tell on their dancing on how passionate they are on what they do.

Heavy Impact

They are pretty good dancers for people with big bodies. But can they bring more to the dance floor? This we gotta look at on the next following weeks.

Poreotix (Poreotics)

There’s no need for introductions anymore because they are a pretty well known crew. Well for the sake of people who don’t know them yet. They are a crew who focuses on Popping, Robotics, Choreography, Story Telling and Humour. They just won 1st place on USA Hiphop Internationals last year. You can see a lot of their performances if you search Poreotics from Youtube. On the regionals, they danced to Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’. What’s funny is that not a lot of people know that the routine they just did, they have been using that for quite some time already. You can search Youtube for some of their performances if you wish to see the full routine of the Taylor Swift song. The only challenge to these guys so far is how to adjust to the show’s time limit and I think they did it very well. They also change the ending of the routine and I think it was really cool. I’m hoping to see more from these guys and it will be interesting to see how they adjust to the weekly challenges. To those who are worried because you think that they only do popping and robotics, you got it all wrong. Some of the crew members are also members of other dance groups such as PacModern, CSLA and Sickstep. So they are very well diversed when it comes to techniques. It’s just that as Poreotix, they focus more on the previously mentioned styles but they can also do other stuffs.

Can’t wait for the nationals next week. Bring it on!


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