Kamen (Masked) Rider Black / RX

I’ ve recently occupied myself watching one of my childhood favorite heroes, Kamen Rider Black. I actually want to watch the whole Kamen Rider Series. But since there are so many already, I decided to watch my favorites for now, Kamen Rider Black and RX. Kamen Rider Black is considered by many as probably the best Kamen Rider series of all. The story basically centres on how Kamen Rider Black came to be and his struggles to save his step brother and save the world at the same time. He will battle his brother at the end of the series. Kamen Rider Black RX is an evolved version of Kamen Rider Black. Black was thrown into space by the enemy and suddenly evolved to RX. Nobody really knows what RX stands for, my guess is Reborn/Rebirth/Revived/Revised. This version of Kamen Rider actually got 3 forms. The RX form, Roborider form which power is based on fire, and the Biorider form which power is based from water/liquid.

I don’t really like the current Riders that much compared to Black and RX. Much of their style and fighting skills have been changed already. Also current Riders seemed focused on battling each other instead of saving the world.

As soon as I finished watching Black, I’ll then watch RX. Then after I’m done with the two, I’ll probably watch Kamen Rider Decade because the story is somehow connected to the previous Riders and they all made an appearance at some point.


Oh by the way, you can watch Kamen Rider Black Episodes online from here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCiM5xe8KI8

Just check the videos of the uploader to see the other episodes.


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