America’s Best Dance Crew Season 5 East Regionals

All right! Let’s talk about the East this time around. The East seems a lot better this time around compared to previous seasons. There were a couple of surprises so let’s go and discuss them all.

Didn’t Make It!

Legendary 7

I really didn’t get it why Enoch was allowed to reenter ABDC again. First of all, he already reached 2nd place when he was still with Status Quo. 2nd, he is the face of Status Quo. I remember watching a video about Beast Mode auditions, that ABDC told them that Taeko is not allowed to participate since she still represent Fysh n Chicks even though they are no longer together. So how is this different to Enoch? 3rd, isn’t he the reason why Status Quo broke up in the first place? The best crew for me isn’t just the best on dancing and stunts, it’s also about the relationship of the crew. Legendary 7 is sort of an upgraded Status Quo but is still the same formula. Stunts, stunts and a bit of dancing. I will admit that the helicopter and Enoch backflip which landed on he’s knees is pretty cool. But there’s just not enough dancing. Also you can literally see Enoch barking orders to his crew members so I don’t really see them getting too far.


I actually like this crew compared to Saltare. Because they are a true dance crew compared to Saltare who is more of a jump rope team. Their routine is pretty good but as JC said, there’s nothing in the routine that stood out. Since this is the 5th season, crews must really impress the judges and the audience.

Crews that made the nationals!

Static Noyze

They are actually pretty good. Sort of a reincarnation of Fanny Pak. I didn’t get it why Omarion didn’t like this crew. They put in a little drama on their routine at the beginning which is actually pretty nice.


Their routine is sick! It’s hard enough just to do jump ropes. But they did it while dancing. My only concern is how they will adjust to the challenges later on. Also I’m not sure if they have a lot of dancing in them. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


A funny comment came from Omarion saying ‘The girls outdanced the guys’. I say it’s funny because there is actually an explanation for it. Blueprint is actually consist of only the girls originally. They just added the guys a couple of years back. So the girls have been dancing together for quite a while already compared to the guys. Yeah they are the best of the east, but a lot of people argue on where they came from. Or maybe other people are just insecure that a Canadian crew made it and is doing great compared to other crews. As Li’l Mama said, ‘They got the highest mark on the East Auditions!’. That basically says it all.

Can’t wait for the West regionals. A lot of great crews comes from the West. Just check out the previous winners of ABDC. And one particular crew that I can’t wait to see is Poreotics(Poreotix). Technically, Poreotics is the true America’s Best Dance Crew last year because they got 1st place on USA Hiphop Internationals. But I’m waiting to see how they handle the challenges in ABDC. I’m a bit worried that Omarion might not like this crew seeing his reaction to Static Noyze.


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