America’s Best Dance Crew South Regionals

Alright ABDC is back on it’s fifth season, and it’s looking good so far compared to the previous season. I am not trying to take away anything from We Are Heroes. Don’t get me wrong. WaH are good, but they definitely benefited from weak competition from last season. Right now the competition made a little change and is now doing the regionals per episode, ala American Idol. Let’s talk about the 3 teams that will now represent the South, and the 2 teams that were not so fortunate. Let’s start with the 2 that didn’t made the nationals.

Xtreme Motion

Compared to other girl groups from past season, they were kinda soft and too girlie I think. JC said that they are generic and I agree. I felt that there is nothing new with their routine and so it didn’t stand out. They were the weakest among the 5 crews.


I actually think that their first routine was good. They brought a dark dimension to their number and their moves are on beat. But for some reason, they didn’t bring it on the battle. Their battle routine was kinda just ok and is not memorable.

Now let’s talk about the teams that made the nationals.

Royal Flush

Personally, I think Ghost is better than them choreo-wise. It’s just that they really nailed the battle with stunts and Ghost’s routine was just… uhhhh… My concern also is that since they tried out for ABDC every season, are they still the same crew? So what’s their identity now? Unlike other crews who will say ‘We’re not gonna change our style because this is who we are’.

Jungle Boogie

I like their energy. But I thought that their routine was just ok. Nothing new, nothing special. And are they gonna keep doing that jungle moves? Because it’s gonna get old after a while.

Swagger Crew

Probably the best among the five. But still nothing really stood out for me. But at least they were better than the other crews. Looking forward to see them taking on the challenges.

My feedback about Omarion?

Well I think he’s ok. What I like about him is that he looks for the passion when dancing and not just looking for stunts as a direct contrast to Shane Sparks. If Omarion was the judge of Season1 and 2, Kaba Modern and Fanny Pak would have made the top 2. Remember how Shane keeps backing the stunt crews and the judges eventually saves them? Well at least they got Season 3’s top 2 right. Season 4 should have been a We Are Heroes, Rhythm City finale… but oh well.


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