Devil May Cry 4 Review

Alright I’m back with another review of one of my favorite games of all time. This time I’ll be reviewing the very popular, Devil May Cry 4.

Ever since the first Devil May Cry came out, gamers were exposed to an addicting hack & slash style of gameplay. The latest game of the series didn’t fail to live up to it’s expectations. At the beginning we were introduced to a new protagonist named Nero, and who’s love interest is Kyrie. This new character is pretty awesome as he doesn’t need to devil trigger to use his powers, he actually got one of his arms in devil form already. They call the arm the Devil Bringer which is really useful in battles. He sets on a mission to capture Dante but as the game goes along, he realized that Dante is not the one he should be after. He also will eventually gain the Yamato sword of Vergil. This makes Nero even more powerful as he can now Devil Trigger into his Demon form.

At the second half of the game you’ll gain controll of Dante. Dante now have all of his styles at your disposal and he’s got some new Devil Arms as well. But the playthrough of Dante won’t be something new because you’ll basically just have to fight every enemies that Nero have fought already. Also since you’ve played the game mostly using Nero, you kinda miss the Devil Bringer when you get to Dante. Some secret missions are easy while some are really hard.

Graphics are significantly better than the previous games. Boss fights looks really awesome if I may say. The only bad thing when you’re in the PC is that the amount of loading time at the beginning or when you switch to a different application and back to the game. But the gameplay itself compensates on that. Overall, this is a really fun and addicting game. I hope that rumors are true that Capcom is secretly  developing Devil May Cry 5. It will definitely be a sure hit once it comes out.


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