Typhoon Ondoy(Ketsana)

My heart goes out to all the victims of typhoon ondoy. It’s very sad to see what has happened to all the people and all towns that were affected by this typhoon. Still, I thank God for taking good care of my family and for not letting anything bad happen to them. Even I personally experienced the wrath of this typhoon and let me share you my story.

The day is Friday, Sept 25. My son is having his vacation at my parent’s house in Binan, Laguna for about a week that time. My mom texted me that my son wanted to go home already and is asking them to take him back to our house in Binangonan, Rizal. I got there to pick up my son at around 6 or 7 pm and I was so happy to see my son again. We went to sleep early that night so we can take a ride back home the next morning. We had no idea what is about to happen the next day.

We woke up, prepared our things and was ready to leave. But for some reason the rain hasn’t stopped pouring since the night before. I checked the news and found out that it was signal #1 in Laguna and signal #2 in Rizal. But I didn’t really worry as I’m used to even go to school and work even on high typhoon signals. We were waiting for the rain to stop yet I noticed that the water was slowly rising from the streets and in to our front yard. Still I was actually more worried that I couldn’t go home to Binangonan than the water on the streets. But water started to reach our terrace. It is only then that we realize that the rain is not stopping anytime soon and water in a matter of minutes would get in our house. Me, my dad and my mom hurried to lift everything that we can out of the floor, making sure that all important items are on high enough places. Me, my son and my little brother stayed on the bed in our parent’s room waiting for the water to subside.

Rain stopped for a while… then all of a sudden rain started pouring again. And instead the water started to rise higher I decided to take my son on my 2nd floor room just right above our garage as I’m worried that the water might rise higher. And I was right, the water reached almost chest level by night time. We don’t know what will happen next. But the thing that worried me the most is… my wife and 2 daughters was left in Binangonan. And the house that we live in there is actually near the Laguna Lake. I was so worried and I couldn’t stop thinking of them. Cellphone signals are on and off and it’s very hard to contact them. Thank God my mother in law replied to one of my text and confirmed that my wife and daughters are safe and that water hasn’t reached our house yet.

But the most amazing thing happened that night. We ate dinner on my old room just above the garage and then we all decided to pray. We prayed the rosary and as soon as we are about to finish the entire prayer, the rain stopped and all hopes came back. Slowly the water began to subsied. By morning all the water inside the haus are gone but a huge amount mud was left. Still we are thankful that non of my family members were hurt and that my wife and daughters are safe. I thank God for hearing our prayers and for taking very good care of my entire family. I hope that nothing like this would ever happen again.


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