ABDC Season 4 Champs- We are Heroes

Congratulations to We Are Heroes! Big Ups to y’all! Although, Id be honest, season 4 is not my favorite season, I do believe that We Are Heroes deserved to be the winner. We’ve all seen from past seasons that audience as well as the judges have a thing for stunts and theatrics which is why the previous winners are bboys. But this season is completely different as the season was dominated by choreo-based crews. My picks for this season is a actually rhythm city and we are heroes for the finale. It would have been a great finale as both crews have a thing for intricate movements. But I enjoyed seeing the sexy style of Afroborike as they brought something different to the table. A good season but I hope ABDC5 would be better. I hope crews with the likes of the past 3 seasons crews, including we are heroes, manage to pass the auditions. This season brought so much different styles so I think it kinda lost a little bit of the show’s hiphop theme. So I hope they return to what started the show.


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