Devil May Cry 3 Review

Well since I’ve been reviewing some of my favorite games lately, I’ve decided to write a review of another favorite of mine… Devil May Cry. Well unfortunate for me that I don’t have a PS2 so I am not able to play DMC1 and DMC2. For some reason Capcom didn’t port those 2 to the pc. But I’m hoping to play those 2 using an emulator sometime. So I am gonna start of with Devil My Cry 3.

Well just to give you a little background, Devil May Cry started of as a supossedly sequel to the Resident Evil Series, which is one of my favorite as well. But since the gameplay and plot of the game differs a lot to the main RE series, they decided to make it an entirely new game of it’s own. We are lucky that Capcom didn’t decide to scrap the idea, like what happened to RE 1.5 and RE 3.5(hooked man), and now we have Devil May Cry. There is a strange timeline to this game as the games were released not in their chronological order. DMC3 is supposed to be the first of the series, followed by DMC1, DMC4 and DMC2.

DMC3 introduce us to Dante who is just starting of his business as a devil hunter. Here he goes on to stop his twin brother, Vergil, from using the power of Sparda. At the end, it was actually the Jester who’s playing with them all along and shows up as the true enemy. But the game doesn’t end without an epic Dante and Vergil fight. This game also introduce us to Mary(Lady), although she is not playable the whole game.

The diffculty of this game is really high. But I’m proud to say that I’ve finished this game on my own. Although some of the secret mission I was not able to complete. As Dante, you’ll have to fight through numbers of monsters and bosses from the underworld. On the PC, which is where I’m playing, the controller for some reason is not fully compatible with the game. Even the keyboard keys can’t be change. So I had to use Joy2Key in order to sync my controller to the game. The big bonus for the pc version is that you get to play as Vergil if you manage to beat the game. But I find it difficult to use Vergil sometimes as his moves are different to Dante’s. Aside from the controller issue, all in all the game is fun, action packed and entertaining. I actually wanted to upload some gameplay videos but I’m not sure what would be the best recorder that I can use. If you know a good one, please let me know. My score for the PC version would probably be 8.5. I had to deduct some points for the controller issue and because of the mid quality videos.


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