Trying to play Resident Evil 5

I was so excited when I got RE5. I instaled it immediately and when I try to run it… Arrrggghh!!! I got an error! At first, it was just Err 09. After a few days of tinkering with the settings I finally manage to run the game and get inside the menu. So I totally got excited again. But when I try to play it, no video is showing on the cutscenes and only subtitles appear. I said to myself that would be OK for now at least if I can play the game… then all of a sudden… another error!!! I think the error is something like D3DX9 or something like that. aaarrrggggh!!!! I would admit that my video card is outddated but I was hoping I could at least play the game on very low settings. I guess there’s nothing left to do but buy a new video card….


Alright, I now manage to make RE5 run on the current PC I’m using(not mine). Since I’m using a Radeon X1550 on this one, it’s not easy. First of all your operating system should be Vista. For some reason, Vista enhances the performance of your video card. The driver should be updated, in my case i’m using Catalyst 9.8. Now you’ll need a patch made to make your video card recognized as an Nvidia GeForce card. Here’s what I used Once you’ve installed and run the game, make sure to lower the all video related settings to minimum. You should now be able to play RE5. But note that the game will be very sluggish most specially when enemies started to come out.


Finally able to play re5! Hell yeah! Here are some videos. Sorry for the quality, it was taken from my mobile phone.

I’ll post a review when I finish the game.


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