Resident Evil Code Veronica Review

Sorry for taking too long to add a new post regarding my reviews for the Resident Evil games. My wife just gave birth and I’m also a bit busy with downloading and burning movies. I’m actually still not done with RE Code veronica yet but I’m almost there. If I can remember correctly, I’m in the part where Steve just died. So if I am guessing it right, I’m about to fight Alexia for the last time.

My feedback so far would be the game’s great graphics. Of course, this game was developed for Dreamcast instead of PS1 so the difference in graphics are highly noticable. Strangely, the game no longer gives you a linear path of taking tasks. If you for example decided to go on to take a different path, there will be some changes to the story. Also you are no longer able to play the story on another person’s point of view. You will have to play as Claire at first then Chris after to continue the story. But that’s alright. I still enjoy playing the game. I actually loved it if not for the fact that I’m only playing it using an emulator. So there are a few bugs here and then like for example some text does not appear on the screen so I am left asking what should I do next. Will update this post once I’m done with the game. Hopefully next week.


Okay I’ve finally managed to finish the game yesterday. It took a while as I got busy with other stuff. The game was great considering it was designed for Dreamcast at that time. The graphics still looks great to date. I enjoy the fact that they gave the user ability to shoot 2 different enemies at the same time using  advance weapons. But this feature actually made the game a little easier than the previous installments. I will admit that I use a walkthrough to finish the game. I had to because I played the game only using an emulator and for some reason some necessary text or image does not appear on the screen. I had a hard time with the first person weapons on this game. They kinda hard to aim specially with the final Alexia as she kept moving. But all in all it was a fun game. I would actually like to play it again sometime.


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