America’s Best Dance Crew

I can’t believe I’m so late in this. The cable company that we have sucks because we don’t even have MTV on it and so I just recently found out about the show America’s Best Dance Crew. So I had to dig a lot of stuff out of the Internet in order to catch up.

Some of you guys who might know me may be wondering why I even watch the show when I’m not even a dancer myself. I actually appreciate different genres of music. When I was a kid, the first music that I listen to is actually Hiphop. It’s just that I started to get more inclined to rock as I grew older but I still do listen to different genres. In fact, I even danced when I was in college and I’m proud to say that I kick ass back then. 🙂 Well some of my college friends and schoolmates are a witness to that.

There had been serveral crews who made the show but I think nothing can compare to my top two picks and both of them are from season 1. One of the two are the Jabbawockeez. Since the Live Auditions of Season 1, I think no other group is on the same class as the Jabbawockeez (except for my second pick of course). Catching the taste and hearts of the audience with their theatric and mime style of dancing. It’s pretty cool how they choreograph their routines and how they add some humor into them. And the best thing is that some of them are actually Filipinos. Here is a compilation of their routines that was showed on ABDC.

The other crew whom I think is as good as the Jabbawockeez is Kaba Modern. Seriously! Have you seen how sick their isolations, tutting, popping… everything! Best of it all, they have hot girls to complement the guys and all of them are good dancers! They don’t have stunts on their routines but their sick moves makes up for all of it. It’s sad to think that they didn’t even make the Top 2 of Season 1. But they are of course arguably better than Status Quo. Just look at where Status Quo now compared to Kaba Modern. I personally think Kaba Modern have a very clear shot at the Jabbawockeez on that season. Although it’s a bit ironic that even though Kaba Modern has been started by mostly Filipinos, the crew that joined ABDC don’t have one. Here is a compilation of their routines that was showed on ABDC.

It would have been nice to see JBWKZ face off with Kaba on the finale of Season 1. Unfortunately we got robbed of that dreamed face off. We got a little taste of that during the Asian Excellence Awards 2008 which I’ll show below. If it was a real battle, Kaba would have won it hands down!

The other crews that I like from ABDC are Super Cr3w, Fanny Pak and Quest.


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