Half Blood Prince Review

All right let’s review the latest installment of the Harry Potter movie series, the Half Blood Prince. First off, as I’ve always said to others, forget everything in the book when watching the Harry Potter movies. You’re wondering why? Simple answer, so you won’t get too dissapointed. This one have a lot things on the book that didn’t make it to the movie. Others I think are actually important to the story but still didn’t make it. I understand that it would be impossible to fit everything into the movie but some important scenes should have been there. It is not a great movie, but still good enough for you to watch if you’re a big fan of the series. The main thing that would dissapoint you is the ending. Where is the battle? Where is the fight between the DA and Death Eaters. How about the fight between the teachers and the Death Eaters. To think that the purpose of the vanishing cabinet is to let the Death Eaters attack Hogwarts. Here, the Death Eaters appeared as if they just passed by. The fight between Harry and Snape is too short that you won’t call it a fight. The person that carried this movie is Ron. Most of his scenes are really funny. This movie will stink if not for him and the scenes with Lavander. I heard that they would make the last book a two part film. I hope they do good on that one so that the end of the series would not become so boring.


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