Resident Evil 4 Review

Okay guys, I’ll write a review of Resident Evil 4 first since I’m still playing Code Veronica. Which I’m actually having hell of a hard time. 🙂

RE4 makes a slight departure from the old Resident Evil games. I like how they upgraded the game to a different level. Camera is now over the shoulder. You now have access to different types of weapons and upgrade them if you like. This game also have more of an action feel to it but still have the same mystery that envelops the entire experience. Some people don’t like this version of Resident Evil game because as they say, it departs from the survival horror genre. But if you think about it, it is still a survival horror game since you need to survive in order to finish the game. But I will admit the past Resident titles are more scary than this one. But you also gotta admit, dodging zombies are also getting old so you guys just need to get over it.

You’ll be playing as Leon Kennedy, now an agent that works directly for the President. There is a hint of this at one of the epilogues of RE3 if you finished the game several times. You’ll no longer be playing on tight spaces like the old RE games and zombies are no longer your enemies. Here, the mission is to save the President’s daughter, Ashley, from some sort of cult like group called the Los Illuminados. Later on, Leon finds out that the people are actually being controlled by a parasite called Plaga and got himself infected as well. So aside from saving the President’s daughter, he’s got to find a way to destroy the parasite from his body. There are 3 primary locations you’ll play in, the village, the castle and the island.

I hate Plagas! They can hit you if you get too close and it will give a great deal of damage to your life. Besides you don’t know which of your enemies will have a plaga once you blow their head so you better keep distance. The enemy that I most hate is the Garador. I’ts like Vega from Street Fighter but blind. One hit from this dude and your dead. And to think that you usually have to fight him on tight spaces. The boss fights are not as hard as it looks if you think about your moves carefully. The most difficult boss I think is the fight with the Big Cheese or Krauser because they are both fast.

I totally love this game and I replayed it several times already. The thing you would probably hate on this game is the interactive cut scenes. The first time I played this game, I ended up dying from most of those cut scenes because you don’t have an idea which of them is interactive. Instructions would suddenly pop up of your screen and your dead once you have an idea of what is going on. But all in all this is probably one of the best game of the series.


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