Terminator Salvation Review

A friend of mine watched it and said the movie was not good. Good thing I didn’t listen because this movie is a really good action film. Christian Bale did a pretty good job of portraying John O’Connor. While the actor who played as the cyborg also did a good job. Although I think it would have been better if Christian Bale was the cyborg. This movie is action packed and contains occational drama as well to keep the audience interested. But you’ll have to have an idea of the first three films in order to get a better grip of the story. At first I got confused of the fact that he was trying to save Kyle Reese because John said he is his eventual father. My mind was like… what the hell did he mean by that? I did watch the first three films but since the first film was way back, I can’t remember most of it. I had to wiki the first film to get the information that Kyle Reese will evetually time travel to save John’s mom and also became his father. So it basically comes full circle here.


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