Resident Evil 2 Review

As mentioned on my previous post, I’ll make a review of each resident evil game(from the main series) and here’s my review of Resident Evil 2. Why I’m doing these reviews when most games are old? Well simply because I love these games. Enough chitchat and let’s get on with the review. I just literally finished both disc of Resident Evil 2. I played the Leon disc first and next was the Claire disk. For me Leon’s storyline is not as hard on first look. Only reason it took me a while to finish it is because of work. The beginning FMV will show you how Leon and Claire arrived on the city and how they met. You basically start off standing on the middle of the road beside a crash and there are zombies in front of you right from the start. Your initial goal is to reach the police station and meet up with Claire. Beginners might find it hard to get though the zombies since you only have 15 bullets at the beginning of the game. But the strategy on most Resident Evil game is not to kill all the zombies but to find a way dodge or get around them. I still remember myself really frustrated several years back because I can’t get through the zombies, hehehe. Puzzles on this game are not as hard as the first game and they are actually pretty easy. As Leon, your main enemy is William Birkin who have injected himself with the new G-Virus and continously mutates as the game goes on. Leon’s eventual ally is Ada Wong, although it is unclear at first who Ada really is. Claire’s main enemy is Mr. X, the name was not really mentioned on the game but it was mentioned on a novel adaptation of the game. Mr. X is actually an upgraded Tyrant and you’ll notice this at the final boss fight for Claire. Claire’s eventual ally is Sherry Berkin. For me, Leon’s quest is the easiest of the two because you only fight zombies most of the time. Lickers will show up several times but I felt it’s not as many comapared to Claire’s. Good thing about Claire is that she carries powerful weapons like Grenade Launcher, Machine Gun, Rocket Launcher, etc. Also fighting Birkin is TOTALLY not as HARD as the Tyrant because he’s slow. The Tyrant is UNBELIEVABLY fast and is really hard to hit on the final battle for Claire. Here’s how I’ll compare the two bosses. I can kill the mutated Birkin even when not using any healing Items. Yet I have to remove all my weapons for Claire and carry only healing items cause I kept getting hit all the time. That’s how fast the Tyrant is. I can’t even aim properly because he attacks immediately. Fortunately for Claire, she will eventually be given a rocket launcher by Ada to kill the Tyrant. But all in all everything was fun. I think I’ll agree with the others by saying that Resident Evil 2 is more fun than Resident Evil 3(which I’ll make a review probably tomorrow). I think the main factor is the different storyline between Leon and Claire. This makes the replay value higher as if you are playing two Resident Evil games.


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