What’s happening…?

Haven’t been able to blog for a while as things were kinda busy. At first I was just busy due to work. We developed new security features for the operating systems we have. It’s kinda complicated at first because we use different versions depending on the compatibility of the hardware to the operating systems. And why not just use one version? I know it’s possible yet it is not mine or our team’s decision. Personally, I would just use one version or at least the same version for each department or team maybe. This way it wouldn’t be a mess and they will be easier to troubleshoot in case issues arise. But hey! We just follow the instructions given to us.

Then after all of that, I got busy with games. As most of us gamers know, Resident Evil 5 has been out for quite a while now. But it is still only available on consoles. But not all of us have the money to afford each consoles. So it’s good news for me that the game is also being developed on PC and per current rumors, the game is going to be released second half of this year. Cool! Since I can’t wait to get my hands on RE5, I decided to replay the RE games again. I’ll discuss the RE games in details on a separate article. Right now I’m playing RE4 again and it never gets old! Yeah! šŸ™‚


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