Resident Evil Series Review

Since RE5 has come out, I’ve decide to make a review of the entire Resident Evil Series. This is one of my favorite game series of all, maybe the best. When I first played Resident Evil, I remember just playing it because I have nothing to do on one of those days during my college vacation. I didn’t even bought the Playstation for me but for my 2 siblings. Yet when I started to play the game I also started to get addicted by it. I only have a copy of RE1: Director’s Cut and RE3: Nemesis back then. I first played RE3: Nemesis because I felt that RE1 might be a bit old already. But after I beat RE3, I was craving for more and eventually played RE1 as well. Although I have already played RE4, it’s sad to say that I haven’t played the entire game of RE2 yet so I know I missed some of the fun. I had a copy of RE2 for PC and not for PS at that time, so it’s kinda hard to play using the keyboard so I eventually gave up on it. To the fact that a lot of people say that it was the best RE game before RE4. I am replaying RE4 at the moment and I’m looking forward to playing RE2 and RE Code Veronica using an EMU after I beat RE4 again. 🙂

Okay I’ll review each game separately and let’s start of with the first.

Resident Evil(1)

This is the first ever Resident Evil game released and the first game to carry the genre survival horror. Remember that Resident Evil 0 was made after the first three games as a prequel to the original Resident Evil.The story begins with reports showing that there were animal like attacks near the Arklay Mountains. STARS Bravo Team was dispatched to investigate. The STARS Alpha Team was then dispatched when they lost contact with the Bravo Team. The horror begins when they found Bravo Team’s Helicopter and they were chased by a pack of what appears to be mutated dogs. Alpha Team was forced to take refuge inside the Spencer Mansion.

From here on you’ll play either as Jill Valentine or as Chris Redfield. Jill is able to carry more items but is easily injured compared to Chris. But she has the capability of using lockpicks. Chris on the other hand is stronger than Jill but is unable to carry a lot of items. Chris uses small keys to open some doors instead of lockpicks. Jill’s storyline is easier, especially with another of the Alpha Team, Barry, always there to assist her. Chris will eventually be accompanied by Rebecca Chambers, a member of the Bravo Team as the game goes along. There are different type of endings that you can get. This depends on whatever choices you made during the course of the game. The ending may feature all of your team surviving or some may have died. There is also an ending where the enemies were destroyed and an ending that shows the monsters being able to escape through the woods.

This is probably one of the scariest game of it’s time. Step aside the cheesy dialogue and this is an adventure you’ll never forget. A remake was made for Gamecube featuring an entirely new graphics, improved dialogue, and better FMVs. I haven’t played the remake yet since I don’t have a Gamecube. And EMUs for Gamecube does not fully support this game yet. But hopefully once EMUs were able to support this, I’ll definitely play the Remake. Since I won’t be able to review the Remake anytime soon, here’s a clip for your viewing.


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