‘Hayden Cam’ Saga

Hayden Kho
Hayden Kho

Yesterday, Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili faced off during the Senate Investigation of the alleged scandals. And before the session even started, a man poured water into Hayden Kho’s head. The man was arrested. And Hayden was left soaked with water. I can’t really blame that man, on the other hand, who can? Those videos were clearly a work of someone who is not on the right state of mind. Even so, Hayden should suffer the consequences of his actions.

Hayden insists that Katrina taught him how to use drugs but he was hesitant at first. But being a doctor, if he was indeed offered drugs, why would you accept it? He said that the product of those drugs are the dancing videos they have recorded. Yet watching the videos, you can tell that they were on their own state of mind and know exactly what they were doing. On one of those videos, he even playfully talks to Katrina asking ‘Do you love me?’ and Katrina answers ‘Love!’.

Hayden is actually misleading the senate by accusing Katrina of using drugs when the main issue are the videos he recorded without the consent of the other party. Who cares who reproduced it? If the videos were not recorded on the first place, there wouldn’t be any videos to release. You can watch the Senate session from Inquirer’s website.


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