Cavs down 3-1

Oh yes its Magic!
Oh yes it's Magic!

Who would have thought that the Cavs will be on this position. Let alone be on this position while Lebron is averaging 42 points per game. The Magic has simply outplayed the Cavs the entire series. If not for the outrageous shot by Lebron on Game 2, the series would have been over already. Even Lebron commented ‘If I could only clone myself…’. I think that’s a direct message to his teammates that he needs help.

But let’s not forget how crazy the Magic has been playing lately. It’s not easy to defend these Magic as they have a lot of shooters that surrounds Howard. And everyone saw yesterday what those shooters can do when they are in the zone. I know the contract they gave to Rashard is a bit exaggerated. Yet it is all paying off. Rashard has been delivering during clutch time and even Lebron said after the game about his missed 3 pointer “If I was Rashard Lewis, we would have won the game”.

But the series is still not over. Although history is on the Magic’s side, there is still a man on the other team who would not let it go that easily. Yes it is the same man who drilled a last second 3 pointer on game 2 and the same man averaging 42 points this series.


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