Mayweather or Mosley?

Shane Mosley
Shane Mosley

Floyd Mayweather Jr.
Floyd Mayweather Jr.

I love this article from It basically discusses the differences about Mayweather and Mosley. While Pacquiao is the one recognized as the best pound-for-pound boxer at the moment, the two mentioned earlier have also been considered the Best for the past years and are not very far behind even now. I agree that Mayweather is a good boxer, but he talks and brags a lot sometimes that it gets annoying, kinda like his father. I actually remember myself favouring Hatton instead of Pacquiao on their last fight. But when I watched 24/7 and found out how full of mouth he is, I then wanted Hatton to lose so the older Mayweather will be proven wrong on everything he said.

The younger Mayweather is not so different from his father. He brags about being the best, yet he doesn’t normally fight the best. He always look to defend his title the easiest way possible. While Mosley on the other hand always looks to fight the best no matter what. I hope Marquez wins the fight on July so he can match up with Pacquiao again to prove for the last time who among them is the better fighter. Then I hope that a fight between Mosley and Mayweather also get arranged. And so it can be determined who among them is the best on their weight class.


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