Western Conference Finals – Lakers vs Nuggets

Western Conference Finals
Western Conference Finals

Yesterday’s win by the Magic over the Cavs puts a lot of pressure for the Denver Nuggets to also win this one. But they are really not in trouble… yet. As long as they use their strengths to their advantage, they should be okay. And I meant that literally. Everyone knows that the Nuggets have an advantage with their bigs and they can use that to put Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum to an early foul trouble. The previous game shows that the Nuggets are a good match to the Lakers. They almost won it as well if they haven’t missed a lot of free throws or made costly turnovers. Also Carmelo Anthony is showing that he can go toe to toe with Kobe Bryant and he has to remain consistent in order to win games.

Although the Nuggets have a lot of advantages because of their strength and athleticism, they are still the underdogs on this series due to the Lakers experience. Still you can’t discount Mr Big Shot Chauncey Billups’ leadership. He’s done a wonderful job leading and should I say ‘containing’ his teammates which is why they have gotten this far.  This series could reach 7 games. And I’m routing for the Nuggets on this one. Go Nuggets!!!


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