Hayden Kho Sex Scandals

Hayden Kho with Katrina Halili
Hayden Kho with Katrina Halili

First it was only the sexy dance of him with Katrina. Me and my colleagues are actually making fun of it with me saying that I would have frozen if Katrina danced like that in front of me.  =)

Then all of sudden three sex videos came out with three different girls. I’ve seen these videos and I think it is indeed Katrina that is on one of those videos. The other two I don’t recognize but they say that one is a foreign model and the other is a TV actress. These videos are shot with a hidden camera or cellphone maybe, as you can clearly see Hayden hiding and fixing the camera at the start of each videos.

I really feel sorry for these girls. They don’t deserve this. Who knows how many videos were recorded and if there are any other girls that were victimized. Private moments like that shouldn’t have been recorded without the consent of the other person or shouldn’t have made public. This scandal will definitely affect and leave a mark on their lives.

This guy should be ashamed of himself. Sen Bong Revilla is right, his license should be revoked. Better yet, he should be penalized for the damages he caused and be locked behind bars for several years for what he did.


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