Angels & Demons

Tom Hanks and Ayelet Zurer
Tom Hanks and Ayelet Zurer

Well the movie is out now. And me and my wife took a little break from the busy life to enjoy this movie. We were suppose to watch it from Glorietta but we decided to watch it instead from SM Megamall to avoid afternoon traffic later on. We ordered some popcorn and two large rootbeer. And to our surprise, we were handed a really large tumbler of rootbeer. I think it almost contain about a liter.

But enough of the pre rituals of watching a movie. Let’s go on with the review. Well I thought the movie was good. Exciting and had a few surprises and mysteries. That is if you haven’t read the book yet. Otherwise, you would be confused a bit because a lot of the things in the book was changed or not included on the film. This is why I always watch the movie first then read the book later.

As I’ve read on the Internet after watching the film, there are a lot of inconsistencies or inaccurate information if I may say from this story. But that is why it is labeled fiction. So you people out there who criticize the story same as you did with the Da Vinci Code. Always remember that they are just fiction. When you read or watch movies like this, you should enjoy them for how they are created.

This is a good movie to watch with friends or with families and I hope Dan Brown could come up with another controversial storyline that can be adopted to another movie.


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