American Idol Winner – Kris Allen

Kris Allen
Kris Allen

Like I mentioned before, both of them deserved to win. Yet it was a surprise that Kris actually won it. Hell even Kris was surprised. Just take a look at him.

Kris Allen wins it
Kris Allen wins it

But he deserves it, he really do. Okay so before a lot of you guys hate me I’ll give you a little explanation. As good as Adam is, he didn’t really show much growth on the competition. Your asking how? Well because he is already that good! And that gives room for people to notice Kris’ talents. Most specially when he started creating arrangements that are really cool and let’s him own the song. Adam’s renditions of songs may have been a little bit too hard for the masses and all that screaming could get you irritated sometimes.

Another factor is popularity. It’s a fact that most people who watch the Idol are girls. And if you’re a girl, who would you like of the two? See where I’m going… Another thing is that those fans of the other Idols who don’t like Adam have of course voted for Kris instead. And there you go, you now have your new American Idol.

But this is not the end for Adam of course. This may actually have been good for him. Just take a look at Chris Daughtry. Since he didn’t win the Idol, it allowed him to form his own band and is not tied up to the Idol contract. The same goes for Adam. Surely there is a record label out there who is waiting to sign him up with a band and I’m sure he will be successful as well.


One thought on “American Idol Winner – Kris Allen

  1. lol

    I love reading this article, I found it very telling. Because although Adam was loved by voters and majority of the judges it goes to show the politics in winning the American Idol.

    Good luck to both, but this season was really a thriller.

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