Apologies of a sickly bastard…

Apologies for not being able to post anything the past few days. I was really sick and the pain was unbearable. I was rushed to the ER last wednesday and lab results showed amount of blood in my urine. Ultrasound confirmed that I have kidney stones. Damn it! I just got back from Mt Batulao adventure (I’ll post about that in the future), and I was feeling really good for 2 1/2 days before it hit me with an unmeasurable pain in my side and lower back. To top it all of, it was during my wife’s birthday.

I’m always care free and I didn’t really care much about what I eat and drink so I guess this is really bound to happen. Unfortunately all the Urologist in Makati Medical under Medicard are out for the week so I will have to wait till next week for their advice. For now, all I can do is follow the natural ways advised in online articles(thank you Internet!) to try and dissolve the stone and hopefully let it pass.

What I’m doing now is drinking lots(I mean LOTS!) and lots of water, coconut juice, water mixed with lemon extract and orange juice. I’m also taking Sambong tablets(read a lot of good things about it) and staying away from salty foods. Wish me luck and hopefully I get over this soon…


Pico De Loro (Mt. Palay Palay) – February 15, 2015

This year is probably the most outgoing that I have been in my entire life. I usually just stay home watch movies and play games. I haven’t been to many places. I think what triggered the change in me is the company Boracay and the family Unisan, Quezon trip last year. I saw how beautiful these places are and I realized that I’ve been keeping myself locked in a room all the time and I never got to appreciate nature.

I receive an invite from Ms. Weng last February to climb Pico de Loro(Mt. Palay-Palay). She is my previous supervisor who is now in a different department. I’ve always dreamed as a kid on going to some adventure trips like this. So I got excited and it didn’t take long for me to accept the invite. This is officially the first mountain that I’m going to hike. I’m not that athletic but I do play basketball from time to time so she said that I would be fine. One problem that I have is that I only have basketball shoes but she said that it is fine since some people climb Pico de Loro with just sandals and slippers so I went along with it.

A van picked us up from RCBC Ayala I think around 4AM and took us to Ternate, Cavite. One big benefit when joining Ms. Weng’s group is that they are from the Admin team of our company. So it’s easier for them to book company vehicles for these trips. Less hassle than going on commute, no need to pay fares and you can leave some of your things in the van so your pack won’t be that heavy.


I think we were at the jump off and started hiking at around 6AM. The sun is just rising and we still have that fresh cool air with us. We took the old trail(I think this is no longer being used) and enjoyed the view of trees and distant mountains.


We arrived at a registration point that also serve as a souvenir shop.1507614_10203822023054109_4744106881226511956_n 10984980_10203822023414118_5872524208431056722_n 10997779_10203822021734076_2914104982452970299_n

Then we continued on our journey passing through some streams along the way.

11001845_10203822024174137_1897411861209205182_n 10492126_10203822025654174_5813538380247317945_n 10151822_10203822024654149_794375217389042971_n

We were going at a relax pace and I was really enjoying myself so I lost track of the time. But I think after about 1.5 to 2 hours, we reached the steep part of the trail were we have to grab on to tree branches. This means that we are near the campsite. Being a first timer, it was really a challenge as I’m not sure which branches is safe to hold on to. After 30 mins to 1 hour, we reached the campsite and decided to have lunch first before pushing through the summit.


view of the summit from the campsite

I was surprise to see a lot of people and stores at the campsite. Only then that I realized that Pico de Loro is really popular with mountaineers.

11006389_10203822034214388_8849627482876231592_n 10958216_10203822044254639_5529416821737229691_n

I guessed about an hour passed when we decided to push for the summit. I would say that this is probably the trickiest part of the climb. The trail was really steep and  the soil was so loose that one mistake and you would slide all the way back down or worse, fall of the edge of the mountain. It doesn’t help that I’m wearing basketball shoes. I guess it would have been easier if I was wearing actual trekking shoes.

10410225_10203822035294415_6823360317864058045_n 10991306_10203822037054459_8044430480431142610_n 10997779_10203822042374592_9006039388276886035_n

Alas we finally reached the summit! Yey!

10997160_10203822040214538_3239925728628781640_n 983853_10203822039894530_708795606295150485_n

view of the campsite from the summit

Unfortunately we were not able to climb the famous monolith(Parrot’s Beak) as the queue of people waiting already reached the summit.

view of the monolith from the summit
behind me are the people waiting their turn for the monolith which already reached the summit

There is an option to traverse to Nasugbu, Batangas and there were locals at the summit offering their services as a guide. We didn’t take it since we have our own transport waiting. Extreme caution again needs to be taken when going down from the summit.

We had a bit of rest back at the campsite before going down. We decided to take the new trail. What we didn’t anticipate is that the new trail is really ‘new’. The trail is not that established and there were a lot of roots that could easily trip you. I almost tripped several times. I even bumped my knee on one of the bamboo trees as the trail was also a bit slippery.

I heard there was a mini falls somewhere nearby but I didn’t have a chance to see it.

maybe it was just a bit dry… is this supposed to be the mini falls?

You are close to the jump off point once you see the stream.


I had this sense of fulfillment after this climb. It was tiring but at the same time you feel some kind of completion once you reach the summit. It was then that I decided that this will only be my first climb but is not my last. We had a nice dinner at a restaurant called Lolo Claro’s before going home.

I’m Back!!!

Wow! I’m surprised to see my blog site still active. It’s been four years and I actually thought that this site has already been trashed. Hahaha! So I am planning to continue this site again. A lot has changed in me since the last entry. First off, I now have four kids so there is little room now for gaming. Lol! I am now into mountaineering and exploring different places. So I am happy to share my experiences with you. We will also discuss other topics like movies and TV series. Of course I won’t miss out on some of my favorite sports. I will share anything that I find interesting. Hahaha! So I hope you join me in this new journey. Peace out!

For Myka Gutierrez (via itsvivierepato)

Since I failed to go to Myka’s wake and burial, I promised myself to at least write a post for her, somehow, I hope, this will help to push through justice. I am not a close friend, but I knew her, we spoke a few times and we took some subjects together. I asked for her help to guide me in writing this for her (spiritually). Myka was my college classmate, she has an adorable and charming face, smart and lively at class. 21-year old lady geared wi … Read More

via itsvivierepato